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10 Twitter Design Lists You Must Follow

Twitter lists, a useful tool to better organize the tweets of individuals you follow, were launched only lately. Twitter lists also allow you to locate intriguing groups of people to follow by utilizing other people’s recommendations.

I’ve developed these 10 design Twitter lists that are absolutely worth following after considerable investigation looking at other Twitterers’ lists and using Listorious.

There will be no blab, only design links.

A collection of Twitter accounts that solely share high-quality design links and have very few to no ‘everyday life’ tweets. A substitute for your RSS feed reader.

Best Design Blogs

Lists all of the major design blogs’ Twitter profiles. Blogs such as Smashing Mag, Web Designer Depot, Logo Design Love, I Love Typography, and many more are included. This is a list that has been compiled by @behoff who has some other high-quality lists worth checking out.

Web Designers Must Be Followed

Lists the greatest web designers who are the most socially active in the profession. Paul Boag, Cameron Moll, Fabio Sasso, Vinh Le, Jo Phillips, Jonathan Snook, Jason Santa Maria, and many more are among those featured.


This section contains all of the typography-related heroes, applications, and resources that you will require. Check out @ilovetypography’s work as well as typography lists.

Advertising Agencies

The world’s top advertising agencies have been gathered into one comprehensive list. Names like OGILVY, Big Spaceship, BBH Labs, Ogilvy Worldwide, Leo Burnett, TBWAWorldwide, McCann Erickson NY, Draftfcb, Critical Mass, Scholz und Friends, and others are included. 

Branding & Logo Design

This page is a list of the top branding agencies and Twitter users who provide links to high-quality logos and branding materials. A must-have for logo design enthusiasts. Also, have a look at this Twitter list of freelance logo designers.

Illustration & Illustrators

This list includes the industry’s top illustrators. List compiled by @grainedit who also has some amazing lists worth looking at.

Studios and Agencies

Many of the top agencies and studios are listed on Twitter. Critical Mass, The Duffy Agency, BBH New York, Saatchi Design, Fantasy Interactive, booneoakley, Interbrand NY, firstborn, The Martin Agency, Richard Lent, and many more are among those represented.

Watch Out For These Designers

This is a list compiled by @Behance  that includes a terrific selection of high-quality designers and illustrators from across the world.


This Twitter list is for you if you just want to follow a broad range of designers and creatives. A bunch of nonsense, but hey, they all appreciate design. Make sure to read the rest of freelancefolder’s lists.

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