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11 Advantages of Online Dog Training Websites

When it comes to online dog training websites, not all of them are created equal. There are good ones and bad ones just like their real-life counterparts. Assuming that you do your homework and find a good, quality online dog training website, you will have many advantages. Here are several benefits you will get from utilizing the web for your dog training needs.



When you work with a real-life instructor, they are only available to you on certain occasions. You can’t simply call them up and ask questions any old time you feel like it. With online dog training, the courses and information are always there and available. Most of the better dog training websites also have live operators that can answer questions too. This is a good advantage when you have a dog that refuses to misbehave on a schedule.


Having everything written out and placed before you to study is so much easier and clearer than attending a class. At a dog training class you will often forget an important little detail. With online courses, you have it all in black and white and ready to be reviewed when you need it.

Advantage 3: CHOICES

There are literally thousands of online dog training websites to choose from. Yes, that means you have a ton of stinkers. That said, you can certainly find a ton of great ones to choose from as well. Online dog training is a hot industry and the competition forces plenty of quality websites to push one another for your business.

Advantage 4: Access to Trainers All Over the World

If you happen to live near a reputable and successful trainer, then you’re lucky. Most people aren’t this fortunate, meaning that they often end up taking their dog to a trainer who uses questionable methods.

Online dog training gives you access to trainers all over the world. You’re not restricted by distance or location. So long as that trainer offers an online course, you’ll be able to sign up, no matter where in the world you may live.

Advantage 5: The Ultimate Convenience

If you want to train your pup in your pajamas, it is actually no problem at all. You can simply flip open your laptop, tablet or smartphone and get the answers you need. Whip out a training exercise from anywhere and work with your dog. The convenience of online dog training can’t be beat.

Let’s face it – life can be pretty hectic at the best of times. You may be able to dedicate a few hours a week to a real-life puppy training class, but factor in travel time, plus making arrangements for any other pets or kids in your care, and this quickly becomes a much bigger commitment, not to mention expense.

This is one of the biggest advantages of online dog training. Pick a course with a flexible schedule and you’ll be able to watch the classes at your own convenience. This makes it much easier to carry out short training sessions with your pup every day of the week, which is much more beneficial than a longer weekly session.

Advantage 6: PRICE

When you compare the cost of one-on-one instruction against online dog training options, the prices are incredibly far apart. It is much cheaper to do it online. If you don’t have the cash to pay the exorbitant fees of one-on-one training with a dog expert, online dog training is a good alternative to look to.

These advantages of online dog training will help make it easier to start training your pup. If you do happen to find yourself stuck on a problem, you can always consult a local expert.

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Advantage 7: Able to Re-Watch Online Dog-Training Videos

Most people need repetition in order for new information to really sink in – it’s how the human brain works. It can take a while to learn something new, which is why it’s always useful to have access to that information for future reference.

Most online dog training courses, including ours, will have tutorial videos that you can return to time and time again. These online resources can be invaluable, especially if you’re training multiple dogs.

Advantage 8: Fewer Distractions

On one hand, the distractions at a physical dog training class are great. They’re good for socializing a dog, and they’ll also teach your dog how to focus on you even with so much going on around them.

However, any reputable dog trainer will always advise that training should begin in a distraction-free area. Only once your dog has a good grasp of the command you’re trying to teach should you start adding in distractions. Too many distractions too soon will make it so much harder for a dog to learn.

This is another reason why online dog training classes are so useful. You can pick the quietest room in your home to train in. This will encourage your dog to fully focus on what you’re trying to teach.

Advantage 9: An Engaged Community

Many online dog training courses have a dedicated online community space where their clients can interact. Whether this may be a Facebook group or a website chatroom, having access to this support can be a huge help if you’re ever struggling.

Advantage 10: No Age, Breed, or Vaccine Restrictions

As unfair as it may be, many dog training classes have breed restrictions. The majority will also require attending dogs to be fully vaccinated. If yours isn’t vaccinated for whatever reason, your pooch will end up missing out. It also doesn’t help that most of the group dog training classes out there are aimed at puppies. Once dogs reach a certain age, it’s much harder to find a suitable class.

Fortunately, you won’t have to deal with any of that if you go with an online dog training class. Age, breed, and vaccination status simply won’t matter.

Advantage 11: Pandemics Won’t Get in the Way of Training

So many people ended up becoming dog owners during the initial phase of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, once they realized that most physical dog training classes were on hold due to lockdowns, they were at a loss. This meant that online dog training courses soared in popularity.

They gave owners a way to train their dogs, no matter what else may be going on in the world outside.


Both physical and online dog training classes have their advantages – it all comes down to picking what works best for you and your dog. Whichever you choose, the goal is the same – to have an obedient and well-trained dog that fully respects you.


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