You are currently viewing 8 Mind blowing tricks for your whatsApp texting to be special & unique!

8 Mind blowing tricks for your whatsApp texting to be special & unique!

8 mind-blowing tricks for your WhatsApp texting to be special & unique!


WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messaging app, and for good reason — it has a long list of features and supports a wide range of devices. The app provides video and audio calls, and an unlimited messaging system. People usually prefer to send an “Important” message or “good morning” over text. And what better way to make them more powerful is by using text formatting? We’ve got a few essential WhatsApp tricks you should use.

It’s been around for a while now, but you’d be surprised how many people didn’t know about this awesome WhatsApp trick.


1.  Make the Text Italic


Simply put an underscore (_) on either side of the desired text instead.



This will particularly be helpful if you are typing quotes. If you want to make any word in the italics font, then just type an underscore (_) before and after it. For example, you can see I have placed “_” before and after the “italics” word to change its formatting on WhatsApp.

2. Type in a bold font.

For this, you just need to place an asterisk (*) before and after the word you want to focus on.

Here, you can see we have focused on the word “Careful” by placing “*” before and after it. Once you are done typing, tap send, and it would appear bold on WhatsApp.


3.Strikethrough any text.

Sometimes you want to create a dramatic effect of striking out the text to represent a correction or iteration. That is possible by adding a tiled sign.


just enter the tilde (~) before and after the string. In this, I had to cancel the “Corona” word so I placed it in between tilde “~” symbols.


4. Apply monospace to your text.


Monospace will give a constant space between each letter. It is a common formatting technique that we apply to focus on a text.


All you need to do is enter three backticks (“`) before and after the string you want to monospace. Here, you can see, I have written the word “monospace” between three backticks to change its formatting.


5. Mix different text formats.


Combine formatting options.

Whether you are using the shortcuts or the native settings, you can mix different text formatting options for one word or sentence. Meaning, you can make the same text Bold, Italic, and even change its font to Monospace.


6. Change the wallpaper on your WhatsApp chat screen



WhatsApp has a standard wallpaper,   which will appear as a background on all of your chats. You can change this wallpaper and theme though, with options including solid colors, your own photos as well as a collection of images from WhatsApp itself.

iOS: Settings > Chats > Chat Wallpaper > Choose    Wallpaper Library, Solid Colors, or Photos.

Android: Settings > Chats > Chat Wallpaper > Choose Wallpaper Library, Solid Colors, Gallery, Default or No Wallpaper.


7. How to send live location tracking.

Sending location is pretty simple and a very Important feature Whatsapp offers, You can do this by tapping the paperclip icon. From there, tap Location > Share Live location, and specify a period of time to be tracked, ranging from 15 minutes to eight hours. Don’t worry, you can manually end location tracking at any time. Fortunately, this is indeed a thing, being one of the best WhatsApp tricks for parents.


8. Send colorful messages.

Another trick that is exclusive to Android devices is the ability to change text color. However, WhatsApp doesn’t officially support this feature. You need to download a third-party app called BlueWords. With the help of the app, you can make your text blue.


Bonus tip:  There are a few more WhatsApp tricks in the Privacy section to fight stalkers and general creeps, such as Profile photo adjustments and the About field. Both of these sections can be tweaked so they are viewable by everyone, only your contacts, or no one at all.

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